Karen Lee, Sales Associate, REALTOR®

Meet Karen Lee, a customer service advocate who brings creativity and style to Real Estate.

Karen has been a hair stylist for over 20 years, including managing salons, and is currently an independent hair stylist with her own small business. “I've always wanted to make people happy,” Karen says. “I think that a good haircut gives people confidence and a professional image, which helps them in life.” Karen decided to become a Realtor for the same reasons. “I wanted to help people in a larger way, to sell them their dream home.”

Karen brings many of the qualities that made her so successful in the service industry to her job in real estate. Her style and creativity help her clients to imagine what a house could look like. Being a perfectionist helps as well, making sure every detail of the home is just right and inspiring her to give 110% to every client. And of course, her sunny smile and warm personality make her a great communicator and help her build relationships.

Karen believes that the key to being a good Realtor is listening and communication. “It's about creating a network of people,” she says, “about building relationships and generating word of mouth rapport.” Because her clients are making such a big investment, she puts a high priority on listening and really understanding what each client wants in a home.

Karen has only recently started working for The Bob & Ronna Group, but she loves it. “Everyone has been very welcoming and helpful as I learn the ropes,” Karen says. She knows that everyone in the Group already considers her family.